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2017 SEO Checklist for your ecommerce site, online store

ecommerce 2017 seo checklist

Competitive SEO 2016 Guide to E-commerce websites

Best Practices for e-commerce SEO and winning over your competitors.Let me share you one thing about SEO. SEO is regarded as the best ways to drive traffic to your websites, online stores, blogs without spending any penny ($). SEO does not effect your website in short time, It is a long time approach and you have to wait for it to be observed, indexed by search engines. Once your SEO is affected you will be having fruitful results.If you want your website to appear in a very short span there is a way for it, you have to opt for Paid advertising.
In this post, I had shared some important and best practices of Search engine optimization(SEO) for every e-commerce website and online stores

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization often called as SEO is nothing but dressing up your website in a way to attract search engines and lots of visitors to your online store or blog.If you know the importance of SEO you will be interested to read this complete post on Ecommerce SEO A definitive guide to your search engine marketing.In an hour millions of searches take place in Google.There is a lot of chance for you to increase your traffic from search engines.All you have to do is follow some tips and guidelines to make your website search engine friendly (Google Friendly Website).It is important that whenever a user enters a keyword related to your online store your page should be ranked in the first page so that there is a traffic conversion.


Checklist & SEO Factors for every e-commerce sites, online stores:

1)On-page Optimization:

Whatever you do keep in mind that all your keywords are placed in some important places of every product listing page.A keyword is something that a user enters in Google to find yours or similar website.For example “men canvas shoes“, “cheap mobile phones“. Once your keywords are ready for the product.Let me give you a T-Shirt example.If you want to sell T-Shirt on your store follow the simple tips.Mention something like Buy Polo T-shirts, Branded Tees for men in most important places of your product page
Page Title: Ensure your keywords are best.Use them in the Page title
H1, H2, H3 Tags: Never miss keywords here
Image – Title and Alt tags: Use a long tail keyword like buy t-shirts for men, buy branded tees..etc
Description: Use a keyword in the Product description. Do not overuse the keyword repeatedly.Maintain a unique description for every product.Do not copy from other websites. Try to be natural and use synonyms like for Best you can use Top, Popular etc
URL: Use three to four keywords in URL of product
Internal Linking: Link your previous products with a descriptive anchor text
For example: Also see Best-selling Casual Shirts for men
Meta tags: Have a killer title and description meta tags always

2)Update your sitemap:

Always try to update your sitemap.Your sitemap also influences your page ranking.It is always good to have the sitemap at footer in all pages.
XML sitemaps

3)Check your broken links:

Since it was e-commerce website there are a lot of pages obviously.You should clearly manage and work on all the broken links and fix them regularly.

4)Good site navigation:

Your navigation is something very important from the customer view.If your navigation is not simple to use, it distracts your site visitors

5)Mobile friendly site:

Test whether your site is Mobile friendly or not.If not, convert your website to responsive design.There are plenty sites to teach you on Responsive Web design.

6)Have a blog:

It is good to have a blog on your root domain like You can connect with your customers and let them know your offers, updates.

7)Sharing buttons:

Use sharing buttons at the end of every product. You have a chance to improve your traffic from social sites.

8)SSL Security:

Google recently announced that all sites with SSL Certificate are pushed up in the search results.So, this gives you the reason to buy an SSL Certificate.

9)Use Google Free tools:

For monitoring your traffic, broken links, crawl errors, traffic analysis and everything you need for a website is a free service provided by Google.
Google webmaster tools: The name is changed to Google Search Console.You have to submit a sitemap created using Step-2, and wait for some days.Follow the tips provided by Search Console and implement them in real time.
Google Analytics: Google Analytics: GA Tool is the best analytic tool for any website blog, especially if it is an eCommerce website there are some specialized tracking system on products and orders.In my future post, I will be explaining clearly on What is Google Analytics and How to use it for an online store or e-commerce website.


Once you have implemented all the above wait for some time to take effect. It is a cost less approach in online marketing, you have to be patient and monitor your results on a regular basis. SEO is not a difficult approach you can know it my reading and updating your knowledge.Let me share some important tips and tricks in the future posts

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