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Competitive SEO 2016 Guide to E-commerce websites Best Practices for e-commerce SEO and winning over your competitors.Let me share you one thing about SEO. SEO is regarded as the best ways to drive traffic to your websites, online stores, blogs without spending any penny ($). SEO does not effect your website in short time, It is a long time approach and you have to wait for it to be observed, indexed by search engines. Once your SEO is affected you will be having fruitful results.If you want your website to appear in a very short span there is a way for it, you have to opt for

How to market your new e-commerce online store in 2017 Top marketing strategies and techniques that are must for every e-commerce online store. If you are looking to increase your sales then below tips and market strategies are to be implemented right away. Before working on all marketing tactics to drive sales for your products and e-commerce store, I suggest you choose one by one, test them, analyze whether it is working for you or not? and move to the next way.The following are the most simple ways to promote, market your online business with 2017 online marketing. Search Engine Optimization: Optimize your e-commerce website either done with a software like Shopify, Zepo (any site builder) or using Wordpress