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Best Marketing tips for your ecommerce website in 2017

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How to market your new e-commerce online store in 2017

Top marketing strategies and techniques that are must for every e-commerce online store. If you are looking to increase your sales then below tips and market strategies are to be implemented right away. Before working on all marketing tactics to drive sales for your products and e-commerce store, I suggest you choose one by one, test them, analyze whether it is working for you or not? and move to the next way.The following are the most simple ways to promote, market your online business with 2017 online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization:

Optimize your e-commerce website either done with a software like ShopifyZepo (any site builder) or using WordPress for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. This is the most important and primary way that every online business owner should take into mind. There are various things you should follow for a successful On-page optimization.Let us discuss more in the future post of SEO Guide.

Start and Update a blog:

Yeah!You should know blogging is also a marketing weapon in 2017.Do you know why? Search engines love blogs because they are updated daily. If you run a blog you can engage with your customers more closely and let them know about your new products, offers, discounts or any news you wish to share with your customers. So, Always plan to have a blog and make it updated.

Good news: Get free hosting for your blog in 2016

Email marketing:

Running an Email campaign of your business with your customers drives a lot of traffic.Many of us ignore email marketing but recent stats have proved that email marketing is a key factor for successful e-commerce business.Create a simple email newsletter using Aweber or Mailchimp and send them to your potential customers and see what happens your revenue graph increases eventually with product orders.
Recommended for Email Marketing: Aweber

Mobile marketing:

India to have 213 million Internet users. Your customers are now online with mobiles. It is now good to have a budget left for your mobile marketing. Most searches from Google are coming from mobiles.Whatsapp marketing is also in rising so make plans to market your business with WhatsApp.

Paid Advertising:

Advertising your business using Google Adwords, Paid advertising in highly popular blogs based on your niche is a good choice for driving visitors to your website and blog.

Hire a company:

Hire a good digital marketing company and fix a budget to them for a period of time.See how your sales are moving for one month and test the results.If their work is fruitful then continue with the company.Choose a company who have experience in digital marketing and good profile in the past.In my future posts, We will write about How to choose a digital marketing company for your e-commerce marketing?

Hire a freelancer:

Yes, Hire a freelancer who can do the following works for you
  • Update and write content for your e-commerce blog. See that he has knowledge of e-commerce business and related things.
  • Market your business in Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter..etc and in Whatsapp.
  • Why I am suggesting you to hire a freelancer is, It is always hard to manage all things by the single person. So, if you share you work with a person(expert) you can concentrate on other things.

Brand Yourself:

If you have a good brand image either Online or Offline you need not worry about the ways you can market your new online store because your Brand is the important to gain trust from your customers.Always develop a good brand reputation and manage your online reputation.

Social media sites:

The social media is a big asset for promoting your business.Always share your products list, blog content and offers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus..etc.If you do not know about Facebook Shop you should give out a try.

Coupon websites:

Do you give coupons and discounts in your e-commerce business? Then you are doing the right thing. Most customers buy the products only if they get it for a low price, discounts.They feel satisfied with their purchase. So it is always good to give coupons. Partner your business with famous coupons offering sites like Coupondunia, Desidime, Freekamaal etc and check if this benefits or not.

Target Location wide:

If your online store offers services only to a particular location or city, then make sure that your site is optimized well and target your posts location wide.Always add your location in your footer for all pages.
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