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Hadoop services, consulting and development in Chennai

Hadoop is an open source, a Java-based programming framework that helps the processing and storage of very large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It is part of the Apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation.

The Apache™ Hadoop® project develops open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing. The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across groups of computers using simple programming units. It is designed to increase from single servers to thousands of machines, each one offering local computation and storage. Instead of relying on hardware to supply high-availability, the library alone is designed to identify and tackle failures at the application layer, so providing a highly-available service on top of a cluster of computers, each of which may be vulnerable to downfalls.

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Hadoop's main advantages:

Scalable - to enhance cluster volume, put more nodes

Fault-tolerable - instantly restarts failed tasks

Low price - Hadoop runs on commodity hardware